Aurora 3D Presentation 2012

Aurora 3D Presentation 2012

Create slideshows and presentations with 3D features

Most of us are familiar with PowerPoint slideshows, which are widely used both in work and school applications and in more casual approaches.
Aurora 3D Presentation is a program that takes slideshows to the next level. As its name implies, it has 3D capabilities that can be used to make slideshows more interesting and visually attractive

In pretty much the same way MS PowerPoint does, this program lets you create slideshows from scratch. Nevertheless, unlike PP, Aurora has many more effects and options that can make your presentation visually richer. For example, you can use animated backgrounds, add movement to your 3D texts and graphs, use interactive elements such as buttons and other items, and add music and sound effects to convey the information you want.

The program includes several sample presentations that you can use to start. These can be edited and modified according to your needs.

If you are already using MS PowerPoint, then your learning process to use this program will reduce to a minimum, since many of its functions are basically the same.

One of the disadvantages I found is the cost of the program. Albeit it has many interesting features, its cost is rather high, thus making it not affordable for many people. Also, it may be worth to note that if presentations and slideshows have too many effects and features, these can distract viewers from catch the intended message. Finally, please note that the presentations can only be saved in the proprietary format of the program, thus making them incompatible with other programs.

You can use the shareware version during 15 days. If you find it useful and want to use it longer, then you will need to purchase a license.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to use if you are familiar with MS PowerPoint


  • Cost not very affordable
  • Not compatible with other programs
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